Textiles can also be printed in full color, using digital printers. This digital printing is known in the industry as DTG, which stands for 'Direct To Garment'. With this technique the textile is printed onto directly. And that can produce beautiful designs! If you have a design in multiple colors, but wish to have it produced in smaller quantities, this can be a good alternative to screen-printing. And sometimes an image is simply perfectly suited to this application. Digital printing can also be done in relatively large quantities, by the way.

Choosing digital printing

Digital printing leads to beautiful results, both on white and on dark fabrics. 100% cotton clothing usually provides the best result. Full-color images or photos spring to life on T-shirts, long sleeves or sweaters. This is why DTG is often chosen, for example by our customers who work in fashion (fashion labels) or in the music industry (merchandise). 

We also like helping you with your choice of fabric, in order to achieve the best digital print possible for you.

Prices for digital printing

The price for digital printing depends on the quantity and the chosen size. As the printer heads on the printers are rather vulnerable, it is not possible to print over the edges; neck prints or sleeve prints are therefore not particularly suitable for DTG. The minimum quantity for this technique is 15 pieces.

Have you become excited about the possibility of digital printing? Then ask us for a quote! Do you have any other questions about this technique, or would you perhaps like to see examples of digital printing for yourself? Please do not hesitate to contact us to make an appointment at our showroom..