What do the stars mean?

Because not everyone is looking for the same quality, we have developed our own star system.

  • 1 star > you are looking for a piece of clothing for promotional use;
  • 2 stars > you are looking for a nice quality T-shirt or sweater with a good fit and still affordable;
  • 3 stars > you are looking for the highest segment: fashionable, excellent fit, high quality and special;
  •  value > best price/quality ratio within the low segment.

In combination with a simple filter, you now have a tool to make the right choice super fast. So that regret afterward can be kept to a minimum.

T-shirt printing

T-shirts are ideal for printing logos, images, texts, etc. This can be done on different materials, in different colors and sizes and by means of different techniques. Namely by means of screen-printing, transfer printing, digital printing, sublimation and embroidery. With a wide selection from different brands, there is always a T-shirt that suits you



Screen printing on a T-shirt: a traditional printing technique, but still the fastest and most durable technique to print your design. Suitable for practically any type of textile and for images in a maximum of 8 colors (or otherwise in consultation). We already print from 10 pieces.


A transfer to a football shirt: a commonly used technique for personalizing sports shirts with a name or a number. This is also a suitable choice for intensively used company clothing or clothing that ends up in the cooking wax. We offer this from 5 pieces.

Digital printing

With digital printing your design can be printed directly on the T-shirt. The best result is achieved on cotton. It can be used on both dark and light T-shirts, depending on the design. Full color images and photos are very suitable for this technique. The minimum edition is 10 pieces.

Sublimation printing

Sublimation printing of your logo on a running shirt: we turn your design into a sublimation transfer. The ink is incorporated into the fiber by pressing instead of on it. The best effect is obtained with white sportswear that is 100% polyester. A clear soft print is then the result. The minimum edition for this technique is 5 pieces.


Finally, you can choose to have a T-shirt embroidered: for a chic and special effect. Because not every design lends itself to embroidering on a T-shirt, we are happy to advise you in the selection process. Minimus is 12 pieces.

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