Customers that work with an artisanal product, as we do, feel right at home at More Color. It is great working with beer brewery Brouwerij 't IJ because they understand the pros and cons of craft and customization work, and all that is involved with the production of both limited editions and large quantities. 

Besides for their magnificent beer, the brewery is also known for the windmill, situated in the Amsterdam city center, and the terrace that starts bustling with chatter and activity as soon as the sun comes out. They have been brewing high quality beers in the middle of Amsterdam for some time now and their beautiful artisanal products are enjoyed by beer lovers beyond the city limits and even beyond the country’s borders now.

Beer-loving tourists not only come for the beers, they also want to buy the T-shirts. And any self-respecting bartender now proudly wears an ostrich on his chest. Just look around you.

It’s always a pleasure brewing Tees with the guys at More Color. They work just like we do. High quality. Fair price. Never any hassle.

Bart Obertop - Brouwerij 't IJ

Brouwerij 't IJ has been brewing premium beers since 1985. It all began when musician Kasper Peterson was in search of an official outlet for his experimental home brewery. As a member and composer of the band Door Mekaar he fell in love with the Belgian-style beers whilst touring south of the Dutch border. Because those types of beer were not being brewed in Amsterdam at the time, Kasper decided to produce them himself. On his quest for a suitable building to found his brewery, he stumbled upon a former municipal bathhouse that was no longer in use. It still had its water supply and drainage system, easy-clean tiles and steam generator. All in all it was the perfect building for a brewery.

As an added bonus he had the largest wooden windmill of the Netherlands right next door as the ultimate landmark. His groundbreaking work paid off and 't IJ gradually became the largest and best-known brewery in Amsterdam. After more than twenty years Kasper decided his work was done. Bart Obertop and Patrick Hendrikse took over from him and continue to brew the distinctive premium beers 't IJ is known for.

Because demand far exceeded supply, a new brewery was opened in 2013, only 700 meters away from the original location. The original brewery on the Funenkade now produces all the beers that are consumed in the bar located in the same building. With the new facilities at the Zeeburgerpad they can fill a significantly larger number of bottles and barrels. They are keeping up with demand a little better and are still able to offer a new, exciting, experimental brew every now and then.

  • Cool work wear shirts with embroidered badges We work harder for a crate of IJbier Large quantities - Multiple colors - No problem