More Color textile printing prints all types of textiles. Of course we print T-shirts, but we also print work wear, sweaters, bags or jackets. We will also happily embroider caps, towels ore other apparel for you. And how about you? What are you looking for?

You prefer NOT to order online?

We understand that. Especially when you are ordering clothing, you would like to feel the fabric and check the fit. And of course, receive good advice on all the options. We have a showroom with many items that we offer at our website. Visiting us will also give you a better impression of the printing techniques available to you. 

You WOULD like to order online?

Do you have good product knowledge? Is your time precious or do you live far away? Then we have made it very easy for you to compare products and request quotes online. Choose your T-shirt or sweater here. And request a quote here.

You wish to stay close to the source?

Well, that is great, because it does not get any closer than this. You work directly with us; no intermediary. We have 3 high-end screen-printing carousels, various transfer presses, an embroidery machine and a gas tunnel, all in-house. Come see for yourself ;)

You wish to produce locally?

We are just around the corner in the Amsterdam city district of Oost (Zeeburg), inside the ring road. You will be hard-pressed to find another industrial estate as social as the Veemarkt.

You wish to work with somebody, who is available, thinks on their feet and honors their commitments?

We loathe companies that do not answer their phones, or do not have a phone number on their websites. Therefore you can app, phone or email us and you will always find an answer to your question in your mailbox within 4 hours. 

You do not want to pay too much, but you do want good quality?

We would like that too. But beautiful things cost money, even when buying from us. Luckily we also have a 2-star option. You do not pay too much, but you do invest in T-shirts or sweaters that will not end up as nightshirts after just one event. There are also many tips, tricks, do's and don’ts to make your money go further. Let us advise you.

  • We love what we do.
  • We work hard and with dedication.
  • We enjoy delivering beautiful items to our customers.
  • We invite you to come visit us and experience our way of working for yourself... 

You can request a quote online or phone us on 020 362 4205.

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A day at More Color
  • Most days the lights go on in production as early as 6 am. The first preparations for the day kick off. Some days embroidering is already underway at that time of the morning too and generally the first T-shirts come off the production line around 9… At 8